Holiday Recitals

Holiday Recital 2019
(December 9th-14th)

Our Holiday recitals are considered “informal” and a great chance for students to show off their hard work in front of an audience before heading to the big stage in May. Since these recitals are held at the studio, please limit the amount of people you invite since there is a limited amount of space. Our Spring recital venue is large enough to host all of your friends and family and would be the better choice to invite them to!

When: The Week of December 9th-14th. Call and Show times are as follows (Call is the time your dancer is required to be there, dressed and ready):

Monday December 9th

SHOW A – 10:00am
(9:30am Call Time)
Mini Hoppers
Tiny Tumbles
Inchworms (9:30am class)
All Homeschool Classes

SHOW B – 5:00pm
(4:30pm Call Time)
Inchworms (3:30pm class)
Junior Hoppers
Mini Hoppers (4:00pm class)
Musical Theater

Show C- 6:30pm
(6:00pm Call Time)
Ruby Contemporary
Ruby Jazz
Emerald Contemporary
Emerald Jazz
Hip Hop 3
Hip Hop 4
Diamond Tap

Tuesday December 10th

Show A – 10:00am
(9:45am Call Time)
Mini Hoppers

Show B – 4:30pm
(4:00p Call Time)
Intro to Acro

Show C – 7:00pm
(6:30pm Call Time)
Sapphire Ballet
Sapphire Tap
Hip Hop 1
Hip Hop 2
Acro 1
Acro 2

Wednesday December 11th

Show A – 5:00pm
(Call Time 4:30pm)
Hummingbirds 2
Ruby Ballet
Ruby Tap
Emerald Ballet
Emerald Tap

Show B – 7:30pm
(Call Time 7:00pm)
Topaz Contemporary
Topaz Jazz
Crystal Ballet
Crystal Contemporary
Sapphire Jazz
Sapphire Contemporary
Diamond Ballet

Thursday December 12th

Show A- 4:30pm
(Call Time 4:00pm)
Hummingbirds 1

Show B- 5:30pm
(Call Time 5:00pm)
Hip Hop 2
Crystal Jazz
Crystal Tap

Friday December 13th

Show A – 4:45pm
(Call Time 4:30pm)
Dragonflies/Hummingbirds 1

Saturday December 14th

Show A – 10:00am
(Call Time 9:30am)
Mini/Junior Hopper
Hummingbirds 1 & 2


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