Summer Workshops

Our Summer Dance Workshops are intended for the 12+ dancer who has had 2-3 years of dance experience. Each Wednesday a new style is focused on in a 2 hour intensive that allows dancers to perfect their technique. Registration is required for workshops – limited spots available.

Each workshop is only $18



Jazz Technique – June 5th




Technique, combinations, and DRIVE. That is what this workshop is all about. Let’s kick the Summer off with a high-energy dance that will focus on jazz technique and personality! This is a great workshop for all ages 12 + with 2-3 years dance experience.


Choreography – June 19th




Let’s spark the creative choreographer inside of you. This workshop is appropriate with any 12+ dancer with 2-3 years of experience. Join us as we explore your own ideas and help fine tune your creative dance choreography. Put yourself in the teachers shoes and experience what it feels like to watch your ideas come to life!


TAP – June 26th




Come challenge your mind and your technique in the fun 2 hour tap intensive. You will learn new things, build upon existing technique, as well as gain some new insight into the growing world of tap. We suggest this workshop for intermediate to advanced dancersĀ  12+ who have minimum 4-5 years of tap experience.


Contemporary – July 10th




Back by popular demand, this workshop dives into the technique, precision, and emotion that contemporary dance demands. We will be learning an intermediate-advanced combination that will push you to your limits and challenge you!!!


Tricks & Turns – July 24th




*Approval Required to Register*
This workshop is for the ADVANCED 12+ dancer only. Minimum 5 years dance experience plus approval from SGD staff to join this workshop. We will be building upon existing technique learning new and innovative leaps and turns in today’s dance world.


Flexibility – July 31st




This workshop is an excellent choice for beginners, intermediate, or advanced dancers 12+. We will be learning new and creative ways to improve flexibility. With individualized feedback and strategic timing right before “back to school”, we promise you will see immediate improvement after this intensive.