Teacher Apprentice Program (T.A.P.)


It takes more than being a great dancer to be a great teacher. That is why we have created the Teacher Apprentice Program (T.A.P). The program is for students ages 14+ who have displayed competency in dance technique and are interested in exploring teaching opportunities. Through this program, students will:

  • Become familiar with classroom structure
  • Learn to teach steps in creative ways
  • Learn to correct students through positive feedback and hands-on adjustments
  • Learn to create & execute lesson plans
  • Get experience and confidence to successfully teach on their own
  • Have quality studio teaching experience to put on their college applications/resume.

Apprentices can be added to SGD’s substitute list and are encouraged to apply to work at camps and special events upon successful graduation from the program.


  • Commitment to the program for at least 1 semester – either Fall or Spring, but preferably both.
  • After observing various classes, the apprentice will pick consistent classes to attend each week and assist in.
  • The apprentice will keep a journal and make an entry for each class observed/assisted and use it as a workbook for assignments and class prep.
  • Attend personalized T.A.P. Training Meetings twice a month and complete assignments. The meetings are only about 30 minutes long and are scheduled on a one-on-one basis where we will review journal entries and experiences and talk about the next stage in training.
  • Assist at either the Holiday or Spring performance (depending on which semester you choose to enroll in).


All interested students must apply for the program and depending on how many applicants we have, not all may get in. Once accepted, T.A.P. is a free program that does not cost anything to the student, however teacher apprentices must be enrolled in technique classes at the studio.

All applications are due no later than August 6th for the upcoming school year. Please email studio.sacredground@gmail.com if you would like to apply.